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The Best New Home Builders in Sydney 2022

When beginning a custom house project in Sydney NSW, choosing who will design and build it may be the two most crucial decisions you make. Hiring a design/build company is a solution that is becoming more and more common for each of these issues. These builders, often known as Master Builders

, combine residential architecture and general contracting under one roof.

Working with a Sydney building company implies that the same individuals who are creating your new custom house will also be responsible for building it from the ground up, as opposed to the conventional technique of design, bid, and build, which divides the designer and builders. This choice frequently lowers expenses, accelerates the duration of your construction project, and results in a better end result.

Buildlife Projects is one such builder who is a fully licensed and insured and can help you design, build and ensure your home is built to your exact requirements.

But what makes Buildlife Projects different from other Sydney builders ?

  1. Reliability

  2. Professional

  3. Attention to Detail

If you are thinking of renovating, building a new home, single storey family home, duplex or townhouse development, extending or remodelling than Buildlife Projects if your go-to builder.

We combine years of dedicated building experience with attention to detail to ensure every project meets and exceeds Australian Building Standards.

Call and have a chat with our director Amer on 0401320187 or visit our website for more information at

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